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12 Days of Christmas – Android adoption one month on

Posted by Admin on January 2, 2009

Christian Howes at WebTrends has sent me his thoughts about Android. If you’re interested in some stats about how Android (and the G1) compare to the iPhone, have a read below.

Thanks Christian.

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christian-howesLast month the launch of Google Android caused immense hype in the mobile world, with a surge in the early adoption of the new G1 mobile handset suggesting that the iPhone title of “most hip mobile device” may be up for grabs. A month on and it seems that the excitement surrounding Android has levelled off slightly for the time being, temporarily easing the worries of Apple, who no longer have the only ‘cool’ phone on the block.

So how popular is Android as a mobile Internet device? Using figures from ten major brands across all industry sectors, web analytics specialist WebTrends says that on average .04% of all traffic is arriving at the websites in the US through Android compared to .01% for UK sites. Compared to similar stats from iPhone and Blackberry usage, these figures do seem low. The same brands can attribute .70% of their traffic to individuals accessing their websites from an iPhone in the US and .41% in the UK and for Blackberry the figures stand at .38% in the US and .30% in the UK.

Although the uptake figures for Android are lower, advertising and marketing activity surrounding its launch has so far been minimal.

As Christian says:

“Android uptake thus far is comparable to that which the iPhone achieved during the early stages of its launch, so although Android is lagging at the moment Google won’t be too concerned. Don’t forget that it has launched on only one phone and network, and that the Google marketing machine hasn’t fully swung into action. Instead those clever people at Google are letting people like me talk it up in the media, creating a sense of anticipation while they test the water and let developers get to grips with the platform architecture.”


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