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Sonim and Landrover to launch new handset

Posted by Admin on December 3, 2008

We recently wrote about Sonim’s new S3 handset, well it turns out that we weren’t the only people impressed with it. The guys at Landrover were so impressed that they have decided to launch branded handsets with Sonim in 2009. The first two phone will be released in mid-2009 and will be the Land Rover S1 and Land Rover S2 G4. Later in the year there will be a third phone from the two.

The phones have been designed by Scott Wilson and they will follow the theme of ‘rugged’ that we’ve seen in the other Sonim handsets. The Land Rover phones will be submersible, Bluetooth-compliant and certified to withstand salt, fog, humidity, transport and thermal shock and a 1.6-metre drop to concrete from any angle. Sonim and Land Rover will be pushing them out to operators, mobile retailers and consumers in 40 countries.

Lindsay Weaver, Land Rover Global Licensing Manager said: “Land Rover recognises that our customers’ needs extend beyond the driver’s seat, Sonim and Land Rover are ideal partners in this effort, as both companies thrive on ingenuity, craftsmanship and durability.”

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New Sonim XP3 for the ‘rugged consumer’

Posted by Admin on November 24, 2008

People that need a phone that can withstand some of the toughest conditions – rescue workers, builders, anyone with kids – will soon be able to get their hands on the new Sonim XP3, designed specifically for the ‘rugged consumer’.

There are some pretty impressive details about what the phone can handle. It can work at -20C or at +60C without breaking down, or be fully submersed for 30 minutes within one meter of water. While the keyboard buttons are tested to work even after 500,000 pushes. It has also been designed against salt, fog humidity, transport and thermal shock.

Sonim also offers a no questions asked replacement if you do break one:

“It doesn’t matter how you break it, or whether you get it wet during the course of your work … Sonim Technologies will provide you with a replacement, no questions asked.”

Bob Plaschke, CEO of Sonim Technologies said about the new device: “Our customers needs have been largely forgotten by the mobile industry … The Sonim XP3 is our reminder to our customers that no matter how rugged and tough their environment, we can provide the phone that will withstand the stress.”

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