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Ronaldo’s text relationship ends

Posted by Admin on January 11, 2009

Poor Ronaldo, first he crashes his car, then he splits up with his Ukranian girlfriend. Or maybe it was the other way round and that’s what caused him to crash the car.

Here’s the crash he was lucky to walk away from:


And here’s the girlfriend he also walked away from:


Never mind. I’m sure he can console himself with the millions of pounds he earns each year. It’s hard to feel too sorry for him isn’t it?

You can read more about the end of his relationship here.


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Ronaldo accused of text relationship with married woman

Posted by Admin on December 7, 2008

There are a couple of different ‘exclusives’ in the Sunday papers that have the same story – Ronaldo has had a relationship with a married woman. You can read the one from the Sunday Mirror here.

The relationship was discovered by the husband when he found a mobile phone with over 300 text messages sent between the couple. In the article there are some great quotes from the husband:

“The text messages looked like they had been written by a seven-year-old it was dreadful English and they mentioned Portugal. They were very coyly written. They were things like, Do you miss me baby? I miss you.”

“When Ronaldo failed to take my calls I texted him warning him to back off because she was a married woman.”

“What gets me is she’s always said she doesn’t like a man with earrings … I don’t know what she sees in him.”

The last one reminds me of the famous line by Mrs Merton to the ‘lovely’ Debbie McGee, “so, what first attracted you to millionaire Paul Daniels?”

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