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New revenues from roaming

Posted by Admin on February 19, 2009

There’s been a lot of talk recently about roaming, in particular talk from the EU about regulating the industry. It’s one of the issues that confuses regular users the most – “I’ve just about worked out how much a call costs when I’m at home – but what if I go abroad?” Of course what happens in that case is that they don’t use their phone or use it as little as possible.

Well, one of the companies I got the chance to talk to this week, Roamware, announced products here in Barcelona that will enable operators to meet the new, proposed EU regulations and create new revenue opportunities.

The regulations include the introduction of tariff transparency, control and safeguard mechanisms for roaming use of data services. Roamware’s new Data Tariff Advisor does all of that and also increase customer retention, increase roaming data usage and reduce fraud.

To my mind the increased revenue bit is fairly simple – if people can be confident of the prices of using their phone abroad (even if it is a little higher than back home) they’ll use it more.


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GeoSim now offers international data

Posted by Admin on February 3, 2009

GeoSim, an international sim card that offers travelers mobile connection without having to pay [often extortionate] roaming charges is now going to be offering data services as well as voice.

This means that you can go abraod and use your mobile to check your favourite websites, or download a music file, without having to pay roaming fees – you’ll still need to pay something, but it’s likely to be much cheaper than using your ‘home’ sim card.

If you are planning a trip, it’s worth a look here.

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