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How did the US networks cope?

Posted by Admin on January 20, 2009

Were you there? Did you watch it on tv? Did you feel the need to share the emotion you were experiencing? Did you try to phone or text a friend with your thoughts? Did the message get through?

Of course I’m talking about President Obama’s inauguration speech. An historic event watched by thousands in Washington and millions worldwide and the biggest news event on the planet today.

So how did the US networks cope with all the traffic during and immediately after the speech? It was reported that is was going to be like another New Year’s Eve for them in mid January. And unfortunately we know what that means for mobile users – you can’t get through to talk to anyone; you send messages but they only arrive 7 hours later; and you get 15 versions of the same message from one friend – either the person or the network is so ‘tired and emotional’ that they’ve sent it 15 times just to be sure.

Apparently it was going to be like that again in America as everyone shared their Obama experience.

So was it? If you were there, let us know.

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