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Fring adds support for

Posted by Jon Russell on January 28, 2009

One for the addicts out there, Israeli firm fring has announced its mobile VoIP application now includes support for the service.

Isn’t there already a service for mobile?

Yes, does, of course, have its own mobile client but it is hardly all singing (boom boom) as it limited to Windows Mobile devices and is heavily disclaimed on the forum as “still being worked on”.

Not exactly the ingredients for a killer-app. Vodafone is a confirmed fan of with its application that “scrobbles” (non-techy speak: makes a record of) the music you listen to on Vodafone. The application is limited to scrobbling music from Voda (not, tracks can only be bought by customers in Gemany and there is no social networking elements, a key part of what makes’s successful.

fring’s offer certainly looks good according to these details from the company’s blog

– – –

“You can search & tune-in to your favorite artists, view album artwork, skip tracks you don’t like, even show your love or ban them, and all of this activity via fring will automatically update your online account.”

As well as the music experience itself, we’ve grabbed all of your friends and put them into a dynamic friends list so you can view what they’re listening to on, in real-time, right now.

We’ve also combined many of fring’s communication features you use everyday into this mobile musical mash-up, so if you catch your mate listening to the Cheeky Girls, simply Tweet* the news to everyone else, launch a chat via MSN or GoogleTalk or call him via Skype to tell him to get a life! (no offence Cheekies! x)”

– – –

Nice! We will be checking this out (look out for a review in the future) and hiding our beloved collection of cheese music!


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Shazam’s database now has 8 million music tracks

Posted by Admin on December 4, 2008

android-heroShazam, the music recognition service, is announcing today that it has increased its database from 6 million tracks to 8 million. The new content is from North America, Europe and Asia and Shazam believes that it now has ‘the largest collection of the most important long tail undiscovered music gems and hot pre-release future hit records.’

Shazam is a great service that allows you to get information on that track that’s bugging you. You just hold your phone up to the music and Shazam will tell you all you need to know and also hints on how to download it. You can download it here.

Will Mills, Head of Music, Shazam, said of the new content:

“With our strong music alliances we gain access to the most relevant music well before many other music services, which ensures users can discover popular and niche music all over the globe. No matter where they are, or what they’re listening to, users are taken on an unforgettable musical journey. This unequalled user experience and superior technology has made Shazam the perfect partner for mobile phone operators and handset manufacturers across the world.”

If you want to see more, you can see Apple’s iPhone ad that features Shazam here on Pocket-lint.

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