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Handmark’s top ten apps

Posted by Admin on January 14, 2009

Handmark has announced its top ten ‘must have’ apps for 2009. Of course all of them are available at They are:

· Pocket Express® – The leading mobile solution for accessing news, sports, weather, stocks, travel information and other content via a mobile device fast, simple and FREE.

· ZAGAT TO GO™ – The most comprehensive restaurant, nightlife, hotel and golf guide offering trusted recommendations and ratings for a variety of locations around the world.

· Wheel of Fortune Deluxe – Fantastic game with dynamic avatars, special effects and puzzles written by the TV show’s staff. Three different game modes make it easy to play anytime.

· Astraware® Bejeweled 2 – Amazingly simple to play, but unbelievably hard to put down! Features all new graphics, stunning background images, in-game transitions and cutting-edge special effects with four different play modes.

· Tetris® – You’ve played it before, and now you can play it anywhere. It’s deceptively simple and completely addictive. After its humble beginnings in Russia, this timeless puzzle game became a worldwide phenomenon.

· nuTsie™ iTunes Music Player – Listen to your iTunes playlists or your friends’ iTunes playlists directly on your mobile device and discover new music by exploring any of the hundreds of thousands of playlists on

· IM+ All In One Messenger – Application that allows mobile users to chat across AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpaceIM.

· Garmin Mobile® – Transforms your mobile device into a fully functional GPS navigator. Garmin Mobile provides detailed maps of the United States and Canada, voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions and access to nearly six million points of interest.

· MobiTV® – Makes your phone becomes a portable TV so you can watch your favorite channels right in the palm of your hand.

· Fast Food Calorie Counter – Whether you are counting calories, carbs, fiber or fat grams, this helpful guide will empower you to make better choices or allow you to “cheat” occasionally without feeling guilty. Features 4,791 menu items at 41 of the most popular fast food chains.

Enjoy 😉


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Blyk to offer targeted content

Posted by Admin on November 28, 2008

Blyk, the network that offers free minutes and texts in return for receiving ads on your phone, is now going to be pushing content at its 16-24yr old customers.

What it isn’t doing is offering customers the ability to browse for content – instead they will push specific content to users, based on the profile they hold.

The company that will be ruinnign this for Blyk is called Velti, and the CEO, Alex Moukas, said:“The more a Blyk member uses the content portal, the more insight we have to work with. This means we can provide more targeted and valuable content as the relationship grows.”

I think Blyk needed to move away from just voice and text as it is a bit restrictive and meant that they couldn’t compete with other networks. If they can get the targeting right  – and it’s about asking, not telling as Andrew Grill blogs about at London Calling – and they can attract the right kind of content it could work well. If they get either of those wrong, then it will prove to be a bigger problem that not offering content at all.

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€6.07 is spent on mobile content per year

Posted by Admin on November 25, 2008

A report has been published today by Airwide Solutions that looks at mobile security. The report covered 5 major European countries – the the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany – and was undertaken by M:Metrics (now part of comScore I believe).

The report has got a number of interesting stats in it, but the one that really caught my eye was the one in the headline. The full stat is:

“On average a mobile phone in the EU is worth €476.07 with a mobile subscriber spending €401 a year on their mobile phone bill, €69 acquiring their handset and €6.07 on mobile content (ringtones, wallpaper, games, music etc).”

I’m presuming that is cost per year (although it could be per contract and as many of them are no longer than 12 months it makes for even more stark reading).

It’s quite interesting to see that although the industry keeps banging on about new content and applications the general public spends a whopping €6.07 on them.

That statistic contrasts nicely with the other one that caught my eye:

“The number of people in the EU receiving unwanted text messages [is] growing 21.3 per cent year on year.”

As most of the ‘marketing messages’ that get sent are still advertising mobile content etc then it just shows how badly they are missing their targets.

What this shows me is that as an industry we are spamming people to get them to download new apps and content, but they are steadfastly refusing to do so and instead we are slowly increasing the annoyance factor.

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