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Mobile banking to rise says MMA

Posted by Admin on January 30, 2009

“The MMA is seeing mobile usage rise for personal banking.” That’s what the MMA President and CEO, Mike Wehrs has said about mobile banking.To help promote the growth in the sector the MMA has released the Mobile Banking Overview – which aims to provide more information for the mobile industry on the financial sector.

So this means that more and more of us are likely to access our bank accounts, transfer money and perform other banking functions on our mobile phone.

One of the main reasons for this growth in the sector, according to Wehrs is due to the improvements in mobile phones:

“The improved user experience across handsets and networks and better browsing capabilities associated with the mobile web have resulted in significant growth in the mobile banking market over the past several years.”

If you work in the sector and are keen to find out more, the MMA Mobile Banking Overview can be downloaded here.


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Oman Arab Bank uses SMS banking

Posted by Admin on December 16, 2008

The Oman Arab Bank has decided to implement an SMS-based mobile banking system for its customers. The system allows customers to access their accounts using any standard mobile phone device. Customers are notified of account activity by SMS. While other alerts are automatically sent after predefined events such as salary credits, account transactions or ATM withdrawals.

The bank’s new “Tawasul” SMS based mobile banking service is based on BANKSMART™ from Acette Technologies, which in turn is powered by Derdack’s message master® xsp. It is being used by the bank as a key tool for customer acquisition and retention, and increasing market share in Oman. Now it has introduced the SMS system, the Oman Arab Bank is the only bank in Oman that offers account transfers, utility payments, smartcard top-ups and real-time payments to mobile operators via SMS.

The bank also now uses SMS to create ‘Push and Pull’ marketing campaigns. Outbound messages can be sent to customers and inbound SMS requests can be automatically processed. The bank can use this as a cost effective, responsive and targeted customer communication channel.

“The project to implement our Tawasul mobile banking services has been a big success. We have seen a positive return on investment and our highly flexible infrastructure means that we now have the ability to develop new SMS alerts or services quickly,” said Mr Hatem Ali Executive Manager e-Banking at the bank.

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