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Texperts sold to 118118 owners

Posted by Admin on December 18, 2008

It was announced yesterday that kgb, the owners of the 118 118 service is to buy Texperts. The company, that used to be known as 82Ask, provides an sms-based question and answer service, very similar to the 118 118 service that was recently accused of sending racist jokes.

This means that the founders of Texperts get an exit – although at the moment there’s no news about the figures involved. While 118 118, that has been reported to be struggling with its service, opens the market a bit more.

I used to use the service from 82Ask occassionally, but I stopped after they rebranded – I didn’t particularly like the new brand (still don’t) and I thought a lot of the PR and marketing they did around the rebrand was a bit of a waste of money and was a bit pointless. I’d still be interested to see what the public recognition of the brand Texperts is like.

Now I use the service by AQA, the other major player in this market in the UK. Personally I love it and it often works best if you’ve got a ‘silly’ question to ask when you’re down the pub (something like ‘Does my bum look big in this?’).

I’d love to get AQA’s response on this – does this leave the market open for them to grow even more?

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118 118 texts racist joke

Posted by Admin on November 26, 2008

118 118 has been running a big marketing campaign to promote its mobile questions service. I think the offer is 60p per day no matter how much you use the service. To get people to start they offer a daily joke – you can request the joke and then use it as many times as you like for the rest of the day.

This tactic seemed to backfire as today’s Sun newspaper reports that one user in Lancashire got a racist joke texted back to him.

I’m not going to repeat the joke here, you can view the Sun’s article if you want to see it. Kameron Abbas, the user who received it was understandably quite shocked: “I was horrified at what we received and couldn’t believe that 118 118 would send anything like what they did. These sorts of jokes are not funny at all. They are promoting racism.”

An official spokesperson from 118 118 said: “We are investigating. This is a breach of our standards. We don’t do jokes like that. This is a disciplinary issue and we would like to apologise. He should not have received it.”

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