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“Hello … I’m at Davos”

Posted by Admin on January 30, 2009

Over at the Davos conference of world economic leaders the UK’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was caught in a bit of a Dom Jolly moment as his phone rang twice while he trying to address the audience.

The old-style Nokia ringtone went off twice before Prime Minister Brown realised it was his phone, apologised to the audience and turned it off. He wouldn’t tell the group who it was that had been trying to reach him.

Gordon … ooops!


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Txt spk fools lawyers

Posted by Admin on January 27, 2009

I came across this news article about a court case involving a girl who was being sent abusive text messages. The story itself isn’t funny and our sympathies are with the unnamed girl. However, the fact that the lawyers couldn’t understand the messages is funny:

John Hodge, prosecuting, said: “The text messages are difficult to understand but they are of an offensive nature.”

He went on to say:

“It is a shame to think this is the language of Shakespeare.”

Nuff said (or for John Hodge: ‘enough has been said and I don’t feel the need to add anything to the debate’).

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Indians flirt by text

Posted by Admin on January 19, 2009

A new survey has revealed that in India the two most popular uses for SMS, MMS and mobile IM are to send romantic messages to their partner and to send romantic messages to someone other than their partner. It seems to me that if people are doing both they are playing a dangerous game … They also use SMS to quit their jobs and fire people.

The survey was conducted by Synovate and Microsoft and also looked at other countries in the APAC region.

It found that the Chinese (at 58%) were the most likely to discuss marriage proposals over text message; while Japanese women were the most likely to check the text messages and call history on their husband’s phone, with 71% saying they would.

You can read more about the survey here.

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Strategy Analytics ‘borrows’ our name

Posted by Admin on January 14, 2009

Strategy Analystics for those of you that don’t know is a well-respected industry analyst house. They write in-depth reports about the state of the industry, predicting what will happen in the future. This one is about clamshell phones and in the title they’ve used the ” … is the new black” phrase.

Now, I know people had said this before we came along, but still, an interesting coincidence! Of course they get it wrong. They say “Black is the new black”, but we know that it is SMS!

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Anti cyber-bullying video

Posted by Admin on January 9, 2009

On my recent post about Cyber Bullying (here) Eliza has posted a comment with a link to a very funny video about a very serious subject. It’s so good that I had to write a separate post about it. Check it out:

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BT operator sends amorous texts

Posted by Admin on January 9, 2009

One of BT’s call centre operators in India has been disciplined for sending flirty texts to a UK customer known only as ‘Jane’. Apparently her voice had attracted him, so he decided to send her messages that went far beyond his work duties.

Jane, from Portsmouth, was trying to get a new landline connected in her new house. She logged in online and then received a phone call to help process the order. Things seemed strange when she got a second call from the same operator. Soon after that, the messages were sent to her phone.

The first message said:

“Hello, we spoke two hours ago regarding ur BT order. U must be thinking dat why I called u up second time without any reason of the call but to be honest I got attracted towards you and your wonderful voice. Can i be ur friend?”

While another one said:

“As precious as u r to me, as precious only few can ever be, I know all friends r hard to choose but u r someone i never want to lose. Take care xxx.”

I’ve never worked for BT but I’m fairly sure that that isn’t how the company normally lets you know that your new landline has been connected. You can read the full article on the BBC here.

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How boring: the Daily Mail’s take on Twitter

Posted by Admin on January 4, 2009

After I recently posted my views on Twitter (here) and following the conversation on Mobile Industry Review (here), I thought it might be interesting to see what the Daily Mail has to say on the subject.

It seems that the paper’s main reason to dislike Twitter is that celebrities post stuff about themselves that the Daily Mail finds boring.

john-cleeseThe examples it gives are from John Cleese:

“At 8:41am on December 30, for example, John Cleese admitted he was a fan of Marmite but then declared a greater penchant for German mustard ‘of which I possess an epicureal collection’.”

And Jonathan Ross:

“Jonathan Ross might be on holiday in Florida with his family, but the most important thing to happen to him on December 27 was that, at 6.12pm, he ‘broke wind with such force that my wife is on the verge of tears’.”

In my opinion the fact that a few journalists may find this boring is hardly a reason to write a full article about it. Given the Daily Mail’s usual politics and take on modern life, it has probably got more to do with the fact that its readers aren’t Twitter users and don’t like the fact that all the ‘kids’ use it. If you insist, you can read the full article here.

Of course, what I find as the irony in all of this is the fact that I picked up the link to the story from a tweet by John Cleese who I follow (although he doesn’t follow me back)!

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ET: ‘text home’

Posted by Admin on December 21, 2008

I love this story.

British people are paying £10 a go to send text messages into space, hoping that they are read by aliens. I’m not sure what else there is to say …

You can see the full story here on news:lite. I love their take on it:

“One user of the service, James Hodge said: “I am certain their are aliens out there, and by using this, who knows I might get lucky and my text could be the first thing from earth they see.”

Anyone out there know James? Now would be a good time to start sending him texts pretending to be an alien responding.

[Users] … also get a ‘Certificate of Transmission’ … on the back is should have just one word “sucker”.”

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This whole text thing may just take off ya know …

Posted by Admin on December 15, 2008

I’ve just seen this post from Jonathan MacDonald. It actually references a Forrester report from April which is about mobile advertising and the power of SMS for advertising.

Forrester claims that SMS is the most effective form of marketing because of the way people use their handsets, saying “text messaging is more likely to be successful than mechanisms involving mobile data, including couponing and [two-dimensional bar] codes”. The recommendation is to combine text messaging with out-of-home, or things like send-to-a-friend messages and referral incentives.

I just love the title of the post really.

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Befriend a Geek at Christmas

Posted by Admin on December 13, 2008

I love this, have a look.

Thanks to Adam Bird for pointing me to it.

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