SMS is the new black

A review of mass market mobile apps


The audience of this blog is quite important, so I thought I’d give it its own page.

I’d like to think that the readers are people generally interested in the mobile sector – so that covers the man (or woman) on the street looking for interesting, new stuff, but also the ‘industry’.

However, what is important is not who will read, but who are we are writing on behalf of. Who are the people that will use the applications and services that we write about? Well, to help out I’ve outlined who I think they might be. What is key about this is that are not part of the industry, they are not technology minded, but they are the people who will, if treated right, spend a lot of money on mobile stuff and drive the industry forward.

Male, 30, works in sales, UK
Likes his ‘toys’ and gadgets and likes to look cool with his latest handset. He probably reads Stuff and/or T3 to check up on the latest stuff. However, he probably talks the talk more than he walks the walk, that is he’s not quite as cutting edge as he thinks he is. He’s above average in his knowledge, but talk of APIs or SDKs would leave him cold. He also doesn’t quite have the disposable income to be able to buy all the stuff he’d like.
When it comes to mobile, he has a BlackBerry – which he loves because it keeps him connected, but it’s a slightly older Curve. He’d love an iPhone, but can’t justify the cost. Voice, text and email are the things he uses the most on his phone. Very occasionally he’ll open up his browser, but he’s a bit afraid of the cost of it.

Female, 42, full-time mother, UK
For this person the phone is a convenience and nothing more. Her handset is years old and she doesn’t know what it’s called. She’s thought about upgrading, but why bother … ? She only uses voice and text to communicate, but the handset is absolutely vital to her as an alarm clock, occasional torch and an address book.
She would consider new apps, but they’d have to make her life easier. If they helped in any way with looking after a toddler then she’d be very keen.

Male, 28, entrepreneur, India
This guy considers himself to be relatively wealthy and part of the new emerging market in India. But at the moment he doesn’t have a mobile. He’s going to get one soon and it will be at the hub of how he runs his business. He wants to use it to help him with his accounting, to keep in touch with friends and business colleagues, to book restaurants, to place orders to his suppliers and many more things.
He expects his new phone to be like an all-in-one PA to assist with life.


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