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So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

Posted by Admin on March 14, 2009

That was one of the first comments on a bittersweet post on Mobile Industry Review. Bittersweet because it is a successful way to monetise the site for Ewan, but it deprives us the regular readers of the insight and opinion, the gossip and videos and the all round great resource for mobile related stuff that MIR was.

As you’d expect on a post as earth shattering as this there have been a number of comments. Most of them have been people just wanting to express sadness at losing the site as a resource and with Ewan and the team good luck. But some have verged on the angry – which is a shame.

What a lot of the comments have highlighted are two key questions – which I’m not going to try and answer here. The first is how to make money from a blog. If a site like MIR can’t generate enough sponsorship to keep it afloat then what hope is there? MIR had a hugely loyal readership and also a huge readership of people that mattered in mobile. On top of that the quality of the articles and videos put many ‘professional’ sites to shame. Yet still the advertising model wasn’t working.

The other question, and a slightly more philosophical one, is who owns a blog. Several comments have been made on the article that suggest that Ewan shouldn’t have made this decision as he’s letting people down, as if MIR was some sort of public broadcasting. I’m afraid I don’t subscribe to that view at all. The blog was Ewan’s to do what the hell he likes with. The man’s got to eat and as readers we should just be grateful that he was generous enough with his time (and so were Ben, Dan, James and all the other contributors) for so long.

For me, it’s going to be a shame to see it go. It was a regular source of news for me (and sometimes a source of news for this blog). It was also a way to plug into the community as reading some of the comments and discussions was almost as important as the articles themselves. I was even lucky enough to be able to write a few pieces a while ago.

But now the time has come, so as ollysk2 said so eloquently in the comments – “So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish.”


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