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Interesting companies at Mobile World Congress

Posted by Admin on February 27, 2009

I didn’t try and see everything at the show (I would have needed more than a week) but I did try to find a few smaller companies that were doing interesting things in Barcelona. So here’s a very quick summary of some of the ones I thought were cool.

I’ve talked about Movidilo before (here), but I got chance to see it in action in Barcelona. It looks as good as it sounds and is a great way to access information from your mobile without having to 107 different automated voice recordings telling you to ‘Press 1 for …’

To be honest if I’ve phoned up to speak to customer services at a company I pay good money to (my mobile operator for example), I expect some service. The voice recorded menus are annoying because they force you to fit your query into their system and sometimes it’s not that easy. Also, if they give me a long list of options I’ve forgotten them by the time I get to the end.

Movidilo lets you avoid that by allowing you to search under your own search terms and also to receive relevant information visually on your mobile screen. I think any company that uses call centres should look into this as a great alternative for some (maybe not all) of their customers.

A company I saw for the first time that looked quite interesting was Dial2Do. They offer a voice automated system for the user to do a range of functions on their mobile. So taking it way beyond just dialing someone by saying their name, now you can send an email or a text message, update Twitter or find some music files.

It looks great for road warriors who can now sit in the car, with their bluetooth headset in and be far more productive than ever before.

Talking of bluetooth headsets, novero is a German company that is trying to make headsets more fashionable and chic than the existing choices. The first product is called, appropriately enough, The First One and it certainly looks a lot better than most of the other options around.

I also bumped into a Canadian company called Mob4Hire, who I thought were quite interesting. They offered a solution that helped application developers test their applications cheaply and more effectively.

One of the problems of mobile is that there are so many different handset models, languages and operator requirements to resolve for each application. A Nokia handset in the Czech Republic will handle an application in a very different way to a Sony Ericsson will in Denmark. Previously developers would have had to have all the different handsets themselves and either set up expensive ‘lab’ systems to replicate the operator requirements in the Czech Republic or Denmark, or go to those countries themselves. Expensive and timely.

Mob4Hire aggregates all of that testing by having testers available in different countries, on different handsets and different operators. Now to test your application in Poland, Greece and Italy on 12 different handsets, just get Mob4Hire to organise it all for you – including final reports and feedback. Hopefully this will allow developers to create new applications that can target specific niches that have previously been too expensive to contemplate.

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  1. All these small companies are very interesting. I think we couln’t go without knowing some. It’s a pity it’s so expensive to participate. Unfortunately many can’t go because of it.

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