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Swedish Beers rocks Barcelona

Posted by Admin on February 19, 2009

I went out last night to the excellent Swedish Beers event organise by the wonderful Helen Keegan and basically it rocked!

It was at Dostrece, which is a funky little bar just off la Rambla in the centre of Barcelona – but I’m not sure the bar knew what had hit it. We filled it up by 7.30pm and it just stayed full all night. I watched people come and go throughout the night – but there always seemed to be a full room of mobile industry people willing to mingle, chat and of course, drink beer.

I’m sure in due course you’ll be able to read more about the event from people that can remember more than I can (although on second thoughts …). But I just wanted to say ‘Thanks Helen’.


One Response to “Swedish Beers rocks Barcelona”

  1. Thank you for your kind words Patrick. I couldn’t have done it without generous sponsors Palringo, Admob, Silverstreet and dotMobi and, of course, my team of helpers aka ‘Helen’s Angels’ – you, Anna and Devi. I’ll be doing a write up once I’ve had chance to take a breath after the intensity that is the week of Mobile World Congress. And I’ve had a sneaky peak at the photos and there are some crackers in there too!

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