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Mobile World Congress – first day impressions

Posted by Admin on February 16, 2009

So, it’s started. But, interestingly, not with as big a fanfare as in recent years. It seems that the global economic climate has come to the mobile industry.

Now, I’m not suggesting that it’s doom and gloom – far from it in fact. To be honest you probably wouldn’t notice if you didn’t know the show well. All the stands are full, there are no gaping holes like those starting to develop on the UK’s high streets; and there are also plenty of visitors – maybe not the numbers that were here last year or the year before, but we’re certainly not watching tumbleweed blow down the aisles.

What is different however is the mood. The people that haven’t come along seem to be the tyre-kickers and time wasters. The show isn’t a target for graduate students trying to research their thesis; junior staff members treated to a few days in Barcelona as thanks for all their work; or even CEOs who just want to wander around and look important.

No, the people here in Barcelona this year seem to be people who are keen to do some business. They know that the industry isn’t great – but at the same time it’s not broken either. There are services to consider and apps to mull over – and maybe this year they can do it in peace.


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