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Free Texts for Life for Mobile Operators

Posted by Admin on January 28, 2009

logo-lo-res1That’s the announcement that Anam made yesterday. It has removed the charge for capacity licences for its Eclipse SMSX short messaging platform. This will mean that operators don’t have to worry about the cost of buying additional licences as SMS traffic volumes increase, allowing them to simply and easily introduce more SMS based services.

Previously, SMS infrastructure has been priced on a volume basis with mobile operators paying higher license fees if they wanted their network to be able to process more messages. This meant that every time there was an increase in volume, operators’s costs also increased.

Gerry McKenna, CEO of Anam, said:

“This is the 18th year that Anam’s engineers have been involved in the design and development of Short Messaging systems and in that time usage and volumes have grown dramatically. Although the capacity of messaging systems has grown to meet this demand, the cost of purchasing and maintaining high performance SMS platforms has remained high. This has limited the potential growth of SMS-borne services such as funds transfer, content distribution, parental control and advertising-funded SMS.”

As this blog regularly highlights, text messaging has continued to grow and grow in popularity. And it’s not just simple text messages either – it’s all the services introduced by companies such as AQA and SpinVox that are based on SMS.

Good move by Anam and it might shake the market up a bit and persuade operators to spend a bit more time and energy on SMS-based apps. See more here.

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Disclaimer – Anam is a supporter of this blog.


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