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Virgin’s ‘Rule Of Thumb’ in India

Posted by Jon Russell on January 26, 2009

virgin-indiaAn interesting development in the India sub-continent mobile market has emerged this week with Virgin Mobile India introducing a new tariff aimed squarely at text-addicts in the country.

Dubbed ‘New Thumb Rule’, this offer is unique to its market as it allows customers to send 100 national and 100 local text messages for free every day after paying for the first three messages of each type. According to Virgin, the offer has been  named to reflect the importance of the thumb to mobile users who write and send a lot of SMS messages.

Virgin India has adopted the same disruptive aims as its UK cousin, albeit with more success, since launching nine months ago. This initiative, along with the company’s ‘earn money for incoming calls’ package, is an excellently thought out manoeuvre which will give the company stand-out value with youth and young professionals in India’s rapidly maturing mobile market.

The company is not yet declaring subscription figures but we will endeavour to keep you posted with other innovative ideas which it introduces.

If you’d like to know more  about India’s mobile market head to this 2009 preview article at Indian entrepreneur Rajesh Jain’s blog.

News courtesy of India PR Wire.


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