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Recycling your handset … beware

Posted by Admin on January 23, 2009

The UK is apparently recycling more and more of its old mobile handsets – which obviously is a good thing. However, sensitive data can often be left on the devices – which obviously is not so good. And some of the companies you can recycle your device with won’t delete that information, leaving you at risk.

The news comes, not surprisingly, from a mobile phone recycling company that does delete all your sensitive information, called Regenersis.

Regenersis studied a sample of 2,000 handsets processed during the first week in December and found that 99 per cent of them had personal data left on the device. This included contacts, text messages, pictures, music, video, calendar entries, emails, notes, mailing lists and to do lists. As well as sometimes bank details, addresses and confidential emails.

Regenersis managing director Mark Franklin said:

“Data clearance of these handsets is critical to ensure the security of those who entrust their unwanted mobiles to us. This can often take as long as 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the handset, so only the most reputable firms bother to do this essential work.”


One Response to “Recycling your handset … beware”

  1. I’m bored with my old mobile phone things to go for phone recycling company and buy new one. But don’t know the payment mode…

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