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UCell Uzbekistan offers ‘Who Called’ and ‘Notify Me’ services

Posted by Admin on January 22, 2009

About 30% of all calls go unanswered apparently. Well now, thanks to Comverse subscribers of UCell in Uzbekistan can find out who tried to call them. And if they were the person making the call they can be notified as soon as the unreachable party becomes available in the network.

The services, not surprisingly, are called ‘Who Called’ and ‘Notify Me’ and in both cases a free text message is sent to notify subscribers.

As well as these two services, UCell subscribers can also see balance notifications at the end of calls and have the ability to replenish their balances via various services. They can also select music and other content for their callers to hear while waiting for calls to be answered. They have all been provided to UCell as part of a package called the Comverse Total Call Completion Solution, whose goal is to bring each call to a satisfactory and billable conclusion.

The new prepaid billing features offer more account management capabilities to UCell subscribers, such as providing

Helge Raitanen, Chief Technical Officer at UCell is pleased with the new services: “Comverse’s solutions provide us with the features we need to handle new growth and enrich the user experience with choice, convenience, control and fun.”


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