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Posted by Admin on January 21, 2009

I had the very great pleasure of meeting some of the team from Taptu yesterday, I met with Andreas Bernstrom, the COO and Chris Moisan who is the VP of Product & Market Development. We had a really good chat about the industry … and of course about Taptu and what it is up to.

For those of you that don’t know, Taptu is a company that provides mobile search. And after talking to them yesterday and having a play around with it I think it’s Genius! They don’t offer it as a white labeled service, but instead direct to consumers with an ad-funded business model (in a similar way that the desktop search engines do).

Actually those very well-known desktop search engines came up in conversation a lot. I was initially very skeptical that Taptu could break through against a brand as strong as Google, but Taptu looks at mobile search, or at least some mobile search, as having a very different requirement to traditional desktop search.

On a desktop most people are doing very functional searches: they want some information – whether it’s the number for a local plumber, or some statistics to go into a report for work – they know roughly what they want and just want someone to present that information easily.

Mobile phones are different. And while some of the searches on mobile are replicas of the desktop searches the mobile is mainly an entertainment and social tool and people use it to entertain themselves while they are killing time. Therefore what is being searched for is different and how the results are used is very different too. This is where Taptu steps in and offers a very different experience from the converted ‘traditional’ search engines. Taptu’s search engines focus mainly in the entertainment world and its algorithms present the most viewed and used content first (and it’s mainly content, rather than information).

taptu1Here’s what it looks like on my N73 and one of the cool things is the ‘I’m Bored’ button. Once you have found the content you want it then lets you share it, so that you can pass it round to your mates – working on the social aspect of the phone. You can send it over as an SMS or email, or post it to Twitter.

I love the service and Taptu’s view on how people will use their mobile. We also had a really interesting conversation about the advertising model and how advertisers can really use Taptu to work for them.

I know they’ve got more stuff in the pipeline, so I hope to be chatting to them again soon.


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