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Only in Japan: waterproof, fingerprint scanning phone

Posted by Jon Russell on January 21, 2009

As is so often the case with the mobile industry, the craziest things tend to happen in Japan.

The latest?

Fujitsu has announced a world first,  the F-01A phone complete with fingerprint enabled, waterproof phone to give the phone-owning public its own dose of James Bond gadget-fever on a daily basis. The device, like many of Mr Bond’s cars, is amphibious and resistant to a maximum of three feet of water, from where Fujitsu alleges it can give half an hour of service.

A 3.5-inch VGA touch-screen, 5.2-megapixel camera, built-in GPS, mobile payment capabilities and built-in TV tuner complete the stellar features set. SMS features as as standard, of course, being as it is the new black.

The F-01A will be available with operator NTT DoCoMo although no details of the price or launch date are available yet.

Heads up to CNET for the news.


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