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SpinVox launches VoxLinks ‘Talk a Text’ service

Posted by Admin on January 20, 2009

SpinVox is the company that converts your voicemail messages into a text message. Well now they are giving you the opportunity to ‘talk’ a text message back.

If you’re a SpinVox subscriber, when you receive a message you will see two links at the bottom. One says ‘Listen’ – and it takes you directly to the message without needing to work your way through your voicemails; the other says ‘Reply’. This is the one that if you click on it you can talk a text message to the person that sent you the original message. You can do this even if that person isn’t a SpinVox subscriber. On the bottom of their message they will see two links … and so on.

Christina Domecq, CEO and co-founder, SpinVox said of the new sevice:

“Strategically, VoxLinks gets the SpinVox experience to millions more people who will appreciate that it is seven times quicker to read a converted message than it is to dial-in and listen to it via traditional voicemail and that speaking a text is seven times faster than typing one. I can see the day when thumb-typing a text is a thing of the past.”


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