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Hyundai to launch handsets in the UK

Posted by Admin on January 20, 2009

News is coming out today that the Korean car manufacturer Hyundai is launching a range of mobile phone handsets for the UK market. There will be up to 15 handsets launched in 2009 and they will mainly be low to midrange devices. However, the first model launched in the UK, codenamed Blighty (love that codename!), is likely to be a Windows Mobile smartphone. It is expected that this will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress.

Hyundai is targeting a 3%-5% market share within the UK by 2014. It hopes that its full range of devices, which is divided into four categories, according to target user base and application – Basic, Lifestyle, Music and Innovation, will deliver this share. The new ‘Blighty’ Windows phone falls into the ‘Innovation’ category, while ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Music’ will play to the trend for midrange webphones to be optimised for invidual applications such as social networking and music download.

You can read more on Rethink Wireless.


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