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Telmap has new EVP Global Sales

Posted by Admin on January 17, 2009

Vu Nguyen has joined Telmap, the mobile location software company, as the new Executive Vice President and Head of Global Sales.

It’s a very long and impressive sounding title, but Vu isn’t afraid of those as prior to joining Telmap, he held the positions of Senior Vice President, Head of Vodafone Global Business Unit at RIM; Vice-President, Head of Enterprise & Emerging Business at Sony Ericsson and Vice-President & General Manager, Rogers Account Group at Ericsson. You have to admit, they’re all long and impressive job titles too.

He says of his new job:

“I very much look forward to working with such a forward thinking company, especially at such an exciting time within an industry for mobile location and navigation services now entering a high growth period. Telmap continues to set the standard within mobile navigation and I will endeavour to continue this success by addressing the growing needs of operators and device manufacturers within the global industry.”


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