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Recession hasn’t hit Purple Labs

Posted by Admin on January 16, 2009

In a flurry of announcements today, Purple Labs has proved that the recession hasn’t hit the French based software provider for mass-market mobile phones.

The big announcement is that it has acquired Sagem Mobile Software, which was previously part of the French handset manufacturer. The deal gives Purple Labs a second French office, in Cergy near Paris, and adds 150 staff to grow the team to about 400 globally.

There’s no news on the cost of the deal, but I’m sure it has been off-set by the fact that the newly expanded Purple Labs will provide software and engineering services to Sagem in a 3-year deal totaling more than 52 million euros.

The final announcement is that Regis Adjamah has joined from Motorola to become the new VP Software Engineering. At Motorola Adjamah was the senior director heading development of Symbian-based phones, while at Purple Labs he will lead the company’s 200-strong global software development organisation, including the newly acquired Cergy-based team.


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