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Conjungo launches websites to help IT buyers

Posted by Admin on January 16, 2009

Conjungo, an independent technology information resource and search engine of technology providers, has launched three new websites to help small business users understand technology. They are called “Go Understand” and they offer advice on CRM, ERP and VoIP. They are designed to provide information on the actual technology, key business benefits as well as implementation considerations. They then help the user select the right providers for their business.

David Cruse, CEO, Conjungo said of the new websites:

“For many small business users, it is difficult to get independent advice and to understand what these technologies mean in business terms. Our new guides provide a useful resource, written in clear English, to help buyers find the best solution without bias towards any particular vendor or service.”

I like this kind of thing and as technology gets more and more complicated for the average user more of these will spring up. Of course, for now it makes more business sense to target businesses – people who know they need to adopt the technology and are willing to seek out and pay for good advice.

However, this kind of thing should eventually move to target consumers. I’m sure there is a business model that means this kind of advice service could be ad-funded, but still offer independent advice; or alternatively a commission could be negotiated, a bit like the IFA (independent financial advisor) model. With talk of a broadband revolution and the government wanting more and more people to be online, we’re going to have educate a lot of people.


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  1. Into Tech – are you into technology?…

    Sweet, just gotta share this….

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