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Using condoms … Respect!

Posted by Admin on January 15, 2009

That’s the message that a new set of mobisodes being launched by the CoI is trying to get across.

The series of 60-second dramas is called ‘Thmbnls’, and they focus on the lives of six teenagers, challenging the audience to watch, interact and share their opinions with the cast and other viewers. It is all part of the CoI’s ‘Want Respect? Use a Condom’ campaign, which aims to reduce teenage pregnancy and the incidence of STIs in 15- to18-year-olds.

Peter Riley, creative director of 20:20 London, that agency that produced them, said: “‘Thmbnls’ is cutting-edge, realistic and relevant to young people. Viewers can personally interact with the characters and the issues they’re facing in a way that’s not been achieved before now. This is taking mobile broadcast to a whole new level.”

To see them, you can register online or on WAP and if you choose to get involved in the storylines you will only be charged standard SMS costs when you interact with the videos.

Talking about why they decided to use the mobile medium, Emma Cowan, senior interactive media manager at COI, said: “It’s a really exciting project as it enables us to reach the audience in a powerful and personal way.”


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