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Posted by Admin on January 14, 2009

As the recession bites some of the companies within the mobile industry that will be hit the hardest will be the handset manufacturers. With less cash in their pockets consumers are more likely to wait to upgrade their handset, or even think about downgrading it.

Obviously this has a knock-on effect to everyone in the sector. What that means exactly no-one is sure of yet, but it will have an effect.

However, maybe one area of the industry that will thrive in these conditions is the second-hand handset market. This sector neatly combines two big current issues: saving money and saving the environment. One of the key players in this is Purple Gossip who recently got in touch with me.

It’s a really interesting market to be in. Obviously it won’t appeal to the early adopters who are willing to splash a bit of extra cash to get the latest N97 for example. But for most other people it works well. They can negotiate a discount from their operator for not upgrading handset and then go to Purple Gossip to get a ‘new’ handset anyway (new to them at least).

For those selling apps it works well as people will want to download their favourite apps onto their new phone.

The only question I have really is … why are they called Purple Gossip?

For a more in-depth look at the mobile industry’s denial about the state of the economy, read Dean Bubley’s post on it here.


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