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Did you send MMS Xmas cards this year?

Posted by Admin on January 9, 2009

I received a press release from Fun Text telling me that record numbers of MMS Christmas cards had been sent this year. Although they don’t quote any actual numbers it’s hardly surprising that the numbers are growing .. mainly because they were so low before.

MMS is a great example of the mobile industry getting it wrong for consumers. Seen by those in the know as a natural extension to SMS it failed with consumers because they couldn’t get it to work. Still most people I know won’t send an MMS because they don’t know whether it will be received – unlike and SMS or an email.

Fun Text thinks that through its multi-media cards it has got the solution to increase MMS usage, especially as consumers are more and more concerned with green issues.

“They appeal to the consumer from a moral and green angle,” said James Pycock, business development director at Fun Text. “Around 900,000 trees were felled this year to supply the 9.7 billion greetings cards sent in the UK and US alone. And people are moving towards sending a quick enhanced mobile message rather than buying a card, a stamp from the Post Office and then hoping that it arrives in time.”

If the Fun Text solution is simple and easy to use … and consumers can be sure that a ‘card’ sent always arrives, then Fun Text may have found a way to increase MMS usage and maybe for Xmas 2009 we’ll all be sending them.


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