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SMS ‘bug’ discovered

Posted by Admin on January 6, 2009

There are a number of reports about a new bug, christened the ‘curse of silence’ that is attacking the SMS function of certain Nokia smartphones. Apparently the message looks like a malformed email and it makes the devices lock up after a certain number of text messages (from immediately to 11 more messages).

CNet reports a spokesperson from Nokia saying:

“Nokia is not currently aware of any malicious incidents on the S60 platform related to this alleged issue and we do not believe that it represents a significant risk to customers’ devices,” said the representative. “Nokia believes that the vulnerability may be valid for some of the S60 on Symbian OS products. We are also working with the Symbian team to further investigate the vulnerability.”


One Response to “SMS ‘bug’ discovered”

  1. Cheers for all the help and tips, Symbian can be funny, imagiane if we had to do this kind of thing with Windows!

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