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How boring: the Daily Mail’s take on Twitter

Posted by Admin on January 4, 2009

After I recently posted my views on Twitter (here) and following the conversation on Mobile Industry Review (here), I thought it might be interesting to see what the Daily Mail has to say on the subject.

It seems that the paper’s main reason to dislike Twitter is that celebrities post stuff about themselves that the Daily Mail finds boring.

john-cleeseThe examples it gives are from John Cleese:

“At 8:41am on December 30, for example, John Cleese admitted he was a fan of Marmite but then declared a greater penchant for German mustard ‘of which I possess an epicureal collection’.”

And Jonathan Ross:

“Jonathan Ross might be on holiday in Florida with his family, but the most important thing to happen to him on December 27 was that, at 6.12pm, he ‘broke wind with such force that my wife is on the verge of tears’.”

In my opinion the fact that a few journalists may find this boring is hardly a reason to write a full article about it. Given the Daily Mail’s usual politics and take on modern life, it has probably got more to do with the fact that its readers aren’t Twitter users and don’t like the fact that all the ‘kids’ use it. If you insist, you can read the full article here.

Of course, what I find as the irony in all of this is the fact that I picked up the link to the story from a tweet by John Cleese who I follow (although he doesn’t follow me back)!


5 Responses to “How boring: the Daily Mail’s take on Twitter”

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  2. Hi Patrick

    I’ve blogged about Twitter before as well.

    Nobody has yet given me a single convincing reason why I should get involved, either professionally or personally. None of my friends use it, and as far as I know none of my clients do either.

    If you work in certain roles in the tech/media/online/content industry maybe you have a large enough audience or group of associates who care about this sort of thing.

    For me, it’s a solution looking for a problem. Arguably the time I’d sink into it would reduce that spent on my blog, my real work or real life. There is a significant chance it would have negative value (to me, specifically).

    It’s the antithesis of FaceBook, which I find genuinely useful and helps me organise my personal life.


  3. smsisthenewblack said

    Dean, that’s the point really – if you find it useful … great; if not then it’s pointless. Personally I quite enjoy using it and I think Ben Smith says it perfectly when he describes it as “the crap pub you keep going to because that’s where your mates hang-out.” (quoted in my original post).

    If your mates don’t go to that pub then you aren’t going to enjoy it.

    What all of this means of course, is that twitter is not the new black (despite what Helen Keegan might say here).

  4. An interesting riposte to the ‘daily mail’ can be found if you follow @dailymail_uk. I doubt, from its content, that it really is the daily mail.

  5. smsisthenewblack said

    Hi Paul, thanks for that. I’ve seen @dailymail_uk – it’s very funny (if a little dubious at times)

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