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2009 – Not the year of mobile

Posted by Admin on January 3, 2009

Andrew Grill, over at London Calling, has written a great post about 2009 NOT being the year of mobile – that year has already happened, so 2009 needs to be the year of action. Andrew can say it better than me, so I’ll just quote him here:

“It needs to be about the smart solutions with well founded and funded business models getting to market. It needs to be about like minded companies getting together to make mobile advertising easy. Too many companies are floating around all looking for customers, but if they worked together it would make much more sense.”

The phrase I really like in Andrew’s post is: “If we make it easy for consumers to access our services, they will consume.”

That phrase pretty much sums up the ethos to this blog. I’m not against any of the new mobile innovations that the industry is getting so excited about, but what annoys me is that most of them are not consumer friendly. Because of that, no matter how cool and innovative they are, they will wither on the vine.

I think it’s worth repeating Andrew’s phrase again: “If we make it easy for consumers to access our services, they will consume.” You can read the full article here.


2 Responses to “2009 – Not the year of mobile”

  1. Patrick – thanks for highlighting this post on your blog!

    Andrew Grill

  2. smsisthenewblack said

    Andrew – you’re very welcome, it’s a great post

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