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Posted by Admin on December 30, 2008

HungryMobile, a mobile industry consultancy, has launched a new online knowledge-sharing platform called Opinions in Mobile. It features executives, leaders and mobile gurus and poses questions related to the latest issues and hot buttons impacting the mobile market to the community of experts, and then publishes the responses throughout that week.

It’s a good idea and it could be a great way to get some valuable insight into the topics and trends impacting the mobile industry at all levels.

Some of the people contributing include:
Russell Buckley, Chairman at MMA, VP of Global Alliances at AdMob
Christopher Kassulke, CEO Handy-Games, mobile game publisher
Ulf Morys, former Gameloft, and currently AMA sales executive
Sven Halling, VP Marketing, End2End Content Services
Peggy Anne Salz, Founder and Chief Analyst, MSearchGroove (an online knowledge resource on all things mobile)
Jonathan MacDonald, Senior Consultant, Ogilvy

I know a few of the people involved personally, and others by reputation. Obviously apart from the fact that they haven’t asked me (!) it sounds like a really clued up bunch of people who know a lot about the mobile industry. I’ll be interested to see what they produce.


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