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Sending text spam could cost €250,000

Posted by Admin on December 22, 2008

The government in Ireland has introduced a new law that means they could fine companies that send spam, whether sent by email or text message, up to €250,000 or 10% of revenues. Eamon Ryan, the communications minister, has introduced the new law which increases the maximum fine from €3,000.

Tony Delaney, assistant Data Protection Commissioner, said of the new law:

“Now the commissioner will be able to prosecute serious or persistent offenders in the Circuit or High Court, in some cases in front of a jury. Many of the chief offenders in Ireland are multi-million euro offenders, so the power to seize turnover will be a huge deterrent.”

The new law has been introduced in time for Christmas, when the sending of unsolicited text messages can rise. “A lot of companies sending out these messages use events such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day to mislead people into replying to texts, and unwittingly sign up for premium services,” Delaney said.

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) received 390 complaints last year about “spam”, chiefly unsolicited text messages. That is a rise from only 66 complaints in 2005.

You can read more from the Sunday Times here.

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