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Norweigan consumers can use mobiles to access online banking

Posted by Admin on December 19, 2008

Most online banking systems require you to go through a two-factor authentication process. This is usually entering a pin code into a security ‘calculator’ and then entering the code that that gives you online. The problem with that system is that online banking in theory gives you the freedom to bank from any internet-enabled device, but the security process means that you’re effectively tethered to the ‘calculator’.

Two companies in Norway have got together to give mobile phones the ability to create the security codes instead of the calculator. The companies, EDB and Encap, believe that mobiles could replace the c. 3m security calculators that are currently in existence in Norway.

You can see an online demo of it here (although to be honest, if you’ve ever used one of the calculators and you’ve ever used a mobile phone, then I’m pretty sure you can grasp the concept).

I love this and want to get it on my mobile as soon as possible. Personally I hate the calculators and always forget where it is or have left it behind when I want to use internet banking. UK banks – yes please!


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