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Over 25 million texts sent each day in the UK

Posted by Admin on December 18, 2008

There has been some interesting research done by comScore recently about the usage of SMS. The stat in the headline is the one that caught my eye. I’ve been known to send a few messages, but 25 million! That’s about 1 per day from every other person in the country. It just shows how popular text messages are.

Here are some more of the stats:

– The number of people sending text messages (SMS) across the EU is growing 3.3% year on year, a figure only beaten by MMS which is growing by 9.2%.
– Over 25 million text messages are sent each day in the UK. Growth is driven in particular by people who earn over £30,000 as those sending SMS messages every day is increasing 16.9% year on year
– France is seeing the second biggest increase with 8.1% more people sending text messages this year than the same period last year.


2 Responses to “Over 25 million texts sent each day in the UK”

  1. Ewan said

    It’s gotta be more than 25 million texts a day — surely? 60m people in the country. 18 million on Vodafone alone. Assume only 5 million people send 10+ texts per day, we’re at 50 million already?

  2. smsisthenewblack said

    Ewan – you could be right, I was just going on the figures I was given! To hit your figures though you’d need those 5m to send 10 texts every day. They might do that, I don’t know. I don’t, but then I’m not a teenager!

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