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Mobile phone market to shrink in 2009

Posted by Admin on December 18, 2008

To be honest, this piece of news falls into the ‘no sh1t Sherlock’ category of annoucements as far am I’m concerned. But who am I to question Reuters? The news agency did a poll of 36 industry analysts and this was the conclusion that they came to.

What the research actually says, is that this might be the biggest drop in the history of the mobile phone industry. Analysts are predicting that the fall could be as much as 6.6% next year.

One of the big problems that has been highlighted is that as the industry is now a mature market there are fewer people who will aspire to own their first phone. People that already have a handset are more likely to hold onto it for longer, rather than change to a new one straight away.

Obviously this means that the manufacturers will suffer slightly, although for some of them it will prove an opportunity for them to increase market share:

“The two largest vendors, Nokia and Samsung Electronics, are set to exit 2009 stronger than before, increasing their market shares to 39.6 percent and 17.3 percent respectively.”

You can read more for Reuters here.


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