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This whole text thing may just take off ya know …

Posted by Admin on December 15, 2008

I’ve just seen this post from Jonathan MacDonald. It actually references a Forrester report from April which is about mobile advertising and the power of SMS for advertising.

Forrester claims that SMS is the most effective form of marketing because of the way people use their handsets, saying “text messaging is more likely to be successful than mechanisms involving mobile data, including couponing and [two-dimensional bar] codes”. The recommendation is to combine text messaging with out-of-home, or things like send-to-a-friend messages and referral incentives.

I just love the title of the post really.


One Response to “This whole text thing may just take off ya know …”

  1. Mobiles said

    Mobile marketing is already present, although not that rampant yet at least. I’ll have to imagine when my phone inbox for sms will be full of advertisement spam.

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