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Sixth form college uses text alerts

Posted by Admin on December 15, 2008

Sending text alerts to groups of people you need to communicate with seems to be almost a no-brainer to me. Whether its customers, suppliers, or in this case students, SMS is a great way to ‘talk’ to them. Obviously there are different reasons why you might need to communicate, so you might need to choose the system that is right for you, but generally everyone you need to communicate with has a mobile phone and has it on them at all times. For messages to be sent out (and read) by a mass audience, it’s hard to beat SMS.

In this instance a sixth-form college in Leicester has signed up to a service by PageOne. Gateway Sixth Form College is using JANET txt to send messages out to staff and its over 1,200 students. One of the great things about a service like this is that it can be used in different ways and in this case the academic staff primarily use JANET txt to inform students about changes to timetables, the finance department texts students the weekly status of their payments and Student Services uses texts to send informal reminders to students as part of the application process.

Another way that SMS works best for this kind of service is its immediacy. Paul Taylor, Network and Corporate Data Manager at Gateway Sixth Form College explains, “on one occasion, the college had to close when our water supply was cut off, and we sent texts early the next morning when the supply was restored to tell students that the college was re-opening.”


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