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Txtin dusnt riun spelin, acordin 2 survy

Posted by Admin on December 11, 2008

We write about SMS a lot, the clue is in our name, it is a world phenomenon with an estimated 111 million users sending messages this year alone. For its ubiquity SMS has its critics, few more vociferous than those that claim it promotes laziness and the use of poor English, particularly in young people. So, it is with great interest that we read this story on Reuters citing research from Australia which claims to prove texting does not ruin spelling.

– – –

“University of Tasmania lecturer Nenagh Kemp asked 55 undergraduate students to compose, and then to read aloud, text messages in English and in “textese.”

While students were significantly faster using textese, it took almost half the number of students twice as long to read these messages aloud than messages written in proper English.

The students also made more errors reading the textese messages compared to the ones written in English.”

– – –

On the findings Kemp concludes that, “it’s quicker to write in textisms, but when you go on to read it, it took people longer. As skilled adult readers, we’re used to reading full words and sentences, so it is harder for us to decipher.”

The issue is sure to continue despite the findings of this latest, albeit small scale, study but the message appears to be straight forward b carfl whn txtin sum1 asit wil tke thm lgnr 2 read ur msg n rply.

This isn’t the first study about the subject and we certainly don’t anticipate it being the last, rest assured we will keep you informed on the subject. TTFN.


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