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New mobile advertising movement – EverySingleOneOfUs

Posted by Admin on December 10, 2008

Jonathan MacDonald has launched a new movement in mobile advertising called EverySingleOneOfUs. Jonathan, who’s often know as jMac, was previously the Sales Director at Blyk, so he knows a thing or two about mobile advertising.

The key elements of the new movement can be summed up in this section from the press release:

“The success of mobile advertising and subsidized models based on delivery of content, applications and services, is dependent upon the willingness of participants to accept advertising on their mobile devices. Whilst recent research, including a 2007 survey by Generator Research, confirms that over half of mobile users (61% US and 72% UK) are interested in mobile advertising, there is a catch: Mobile advertising must be relevant and genuinely useful. Ultimately, users demand advertising that relates to their interests and is tailored to their specific needs. Anything else will be perceived as ‘spam’, which degrades the experience, increases the likelihood of churn, and breeds a distinct lack of trust.”

I was lucky enough to see jMac present at the recent Future of Mobile event and not only is he a great presenter – he’s right. Mobile advertising could be great, massive, profitable and most of all a positive experience for mobile users – but only if the industry gets it right.

Jonathan talks about making sure that ads are targeted and relevant and I agree with that. I also believe that advertising has to be used to support services that are deemed to be truly valuable to the user. The concept of ad-funded is in danger of being used to support any old tat service at the moment. It seems as if operators are thinking “they’ll never pay good money for this service, I know, let’s put some advertising in there so we at least get some money back.”

What operators should be doing is finding services that are genuinely valuable to users, but then allowing them to access the service for free if they agree to advertising. I suppose this is all part of jMac’s ‘relevant’.

You can read more about it on Andrew Grills’ London Calling.


One Response to “New mobile advertising movement – EverySingleOneOfUs”

  1. Mobiles said

    In a world where we all got used to identifying scams, I agree that adverts should be more genuine and user-targeted than ever before.

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