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Embedded-3G laptops over-hyped

Posted by Admin on December 10, 2008

Dean Bubley, analyst at Disruptive Analysis has released a new report today that says the current predictions for embedded-3G laptops are a little optimistic. Instead of the near ubiquitous usage predicted by some, Dean thinks that they will account for no more than 30% of the market by 2011.

The report is called “Mobile Broadband Computing: Device Market Forecasts & Business Model Scenarios”and in it Dean talks about a number of reasons why the take up won’t be as much as many predict. However the manin reason is a combination of the Credit Crunch and Capacity Crunch.

Basically Dean is saying that people and companies will just be spending less and therefore buying fewer laptops (it seems self-evident, but many people seem to forget this when making their predictions). Also, the operator’s networks are getting full, especially as wireless dongles have been so well sold, and the operators won’t fancy spending big money to upgrade them.  He says:

“Mobile-embedded notebooks are very elegant in concept – but suffer from practical and business-model limitations that will restrict their near-term growth, especially during a period of economic uncertainty when buyers will be especially conservative.”

You can see more on his blog.


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