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‘SMS continues to reign supreme’

Posted by Admin on December 8, 2008

We covered this story last week, but now the respected industry newsletter has picked on Portio Research’s latest report which says that SMS is still ‘King’.

– – –

“The theory that SMS usage would decline with the advent of more sophisticated messaging technologies has been become popular over the last few years but this simple and robust technology stubbornly refuses to lie down. Now a report from Portio Research confirms SMS will continue to be a cash cow for operator’s mobile data revenues for some time to come. Traffic volumes and revenues are continuing to grow and are expected to maintain their upward trend through the current economic downturn. Indeed, growth across all messaging technologies looks very healthy with the market predicted to grow from US$130 billion in 2008 to US$224 billion in 2013. Portio says SMS remains the “King” of messaging because there is no cheap and easy-to-use alternative that will work on all phones and on all networks.”

– – –

You can see it in full here.


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