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Sccope – price comparison by text

Posted by Admin on December 8, 2008

Sccope is a price comparison service for people who are already out and about and in the shops. It allows a user to use their mobile to find the best price by simply texting in a product name or code to 62555 to receive details on the best price on the high street.

I was lucky enough to be able to ask Douglas Orr, CEO of Sccope a few questions about the service.

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How does a user access your service?
That’s the easy part. Using your mobile phone’s SMS service, send a text with a description of the item/product you wish to search for to 62555 e.g. iPod Nano 16GB blue, or Lego Batman Wii, or DVD Iron Man. Within a matter of seconds (depending on your service provider) you will receive a reply detailing the best possible prices from various retailers.

It couldn’t be simpler. And even better, the only cost is that of a text message.

Could my mum use it?
Yes, definitely. The beauty of Sccope is that no-one has to learn new behaviour or methods to use it, as long as they know how to text then they know how to use Sccope.

Everyone at Sccope encouraged their parents (and grandparents) to try the service and provide us with their feedback.

Do you have any details of how many people have used it?
During the first four weeks since launch, we’ve had over one thousand unique users of the service.

Why target mobile phones?
Most people today have a mobile phone and use it for calling and texting. We wanted to make it easy for consumers, while out shopping and without easy access to a computer, to find out where they could get the best deal.

SMS delivers that information into a users hand within seconds of the original query – there is no other service available that reaches consumers with the same ease or speed.

Why did you choose to use a shortcode and not a downloadable app?
We wanted to make Sccope available to as wide an audience as possible, not just to the technology-savvy.

SMS is a service that almost everyone understands and is comfortable with – both on performance and cost. While a lot of mobile phones today have Internet browsers or WAP ability, more users send texts than use the other functions and so we made Sccope accessible to anyone who uses SMS.

What do you think is the future of mobile applications?
We exist in a world where consumers want everything “on-demand”. This could mean banking, 24-hr shopping or simply the ability to connect with friends and loved ones – but we want everything right now. Mobile applications and services are at the forefront of satisfying the needs of today’s on-demand lifestyle and so we would expect that they will become evermore popular in the future.

Have you got anything else in the pipeline?
Sccope is expanding all the time. It’s a large market out there, so we are adding new categories of products every week. Currently, if you can watch it, play it, read it or plug it in, it’s probably on Sccope. Sadly for a few of our users we currently don’t do ‘Ugg’ boots!

We are also working on releasing applications for the iPhone and other smart phones and there will be more news on these shortly.

– – –

Thanks Douglas.


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