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Anam in The Irish Times

Posted by Admin on December 6, 2008

anam-logoThe sponsors of this site, Anam, were yesterday featured in The Irish Times in an article about cyber bullying. This is a big problem, the article quotes that, ‘according to international research, one in 10 children has been the victim of cyber bullying, and almost 20 per cent admitted to being perpetrators.’

Jote Bassi of Anam is quoted in the article saying:

“There’s a lot of attention around the fact that SMS in the wrong hands can be used to bully children,” … “Its making the headlines; there is a definite need for this service.”

While the article goes on to report that:

‘Anam’s technology, which allows parents to control and monitor their child’s mobile phone usage, has already been used by mobile network Telenor to deploy a parental control service for its subscribers, Mr Bassi said. He said there has been some interest from Irish networks in its technology.’

Well done to Anam. You can see more about their solution to this problem here.


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