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SMS still King

Posted by Admin on December 5, 2008

Some would say that SMS is still ‘King’, others would say that SMS is the new Black *ahem*. Whichever way you look at it, SMS is still doing pretty well despite all the other pretenders to the ‘throne’.

The latest people to proclaim the glory of SMS is Portio Research, who in their latest report – ‘Mobile Messaging Futures 2008 – 2013’ – claim that SMS ‘is loved the world over’ and that ‘there is no cheap, easy to use alternative that will work with all phones and across all networks’.

They also noted some really interesting usage details as well:

‘… in China average users send over 100 messages each month whereas the Filipinos continue to be the leading exponents with 755 messages each month.’

To be fair, it’s not all about SMS. The report also highlights the use of mobile email – especially amongst business users. It also predicts a huge growth for Mobile IM – ‘urging from a worldwide total of 111 million users in 2008 to hit a massive 867 million users by the close of 2013.’

You can see more detail about the report here.


2 Responses to “SMS still King”

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