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Sonim and Landrover to launch new handset

Posted by Admin on December 3, 2008

We recently wrote about Sonim’s new S3 handset, well it turns out that we weren’t the only people impressed with it. The guys at Landrover were so impressed that they have decided to launch branded handsets with Sonim in 2009. The first two phone will be released in mid-2009 and will be the Land Rover S1 and Land Rover S2 G4. Later in the year there will be a third phone from the two.

The phones have been designed by Scott Wilson and they will follow the theme of ‘rugged’ that we’ve seen in the other Sonim handsets. The Land Rover phones will be submersible, Bluetooth-compliant and certified to withstand salt, fog, humidity, transport and thermal shock and a 1.6-metre drop to concrete from any angle. Sonim and Land Rover will be pushing them out to operators, mobile retailers and consumers in 40 countries.

Lindsay Weaver, Land Rover Global Licensing Manager said: “Land Rover recognises that our customers’ needs extend beyond the driver’s seat, Sonim and Land Rover are ideal partners in this effort, as both companies thrive on ingenuity, craftsmanship and durability.”


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