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Blyk to offer targeted content

Posted by Admin on November 28, 2008

Blyk, the network that offers free minutes and texts in return for receiving ads on your phone, is now going to be pushing content at its 16-24yr old customers.

What it isn’t doing is offering customers the ability to browse for content – instead they will push specific content to users, based on the profile they hold.

The company that will be ruinnign this for Blyk is called Velti, and the CEO, Alex Moukas, said:“The more a Blyk member uses the content portal, the more insight we have to work with. This means we can provide more targeted and valuable content as the relationship grows.”

I think Blyk needed to move away from just voice and text as it is a bit restrictive and meant that they couldn’t compete with other networks. If they can get the targeting right  – and it’s about asking, not telling as Andrew Grill blogs about at London Calling – and they can attract the right kind of content it could work well. If they get either of those wrong, then it will prove to be a bigger problem that not offering content at all.


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