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More Police text alerts

Posted by Admin on November 27, 2008

After I reported that the Police in St Albans were texting suspected customers of arrested drug dealers, I came across this story in yesterday’s Yorkshire Post.

The Police in North Yorkshire are going to be sending text alerts via bluetooth to drinkers, warning them of the dangers of drink driving and the likelihood of being stopped by a patrol. It’s all part of the annual anti-drink-driving campaign that targets people getting a bit too much into the ‘Christmas Spirit’.

They will be targeting a range of different pubs and clubs and as they will be using bluetooth to send out the messages, they can do it all from the comfort of their patrol car.

Acting Assistant Chief Constable Sue Cross of North Yorkshire Police said: “Drink and drug-driving is a deadly disregard for human life and is completely unacceptable – both legally and morally.

“Through a combination of education and strict police enforcement, we aim to positively change the attitudes and behaviour of all road users and highlight the very real dangers and consequences of driving when impaired by alcohol or drugs.

“People who take the risk could end up paying for it for the rest of their lives. If a driver is convicted of drink or drug-driving they will at best lose their licence and livelihood, but at worse they could kill or seriously injure themselves or someone else.

“Our message is a simple one – if you are drinking or taking drugs during the festive season, or at any other time of the year for that matter, then don’t even contemplate getting behind the wheel.”


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