SMS is the new black

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4 Responses to “Is the iPhone the new BlackBerry?”

  1. 152 said

    Blackberry – A Resource Site

  2. […] Is the iPhone the new BlackBerry? … as most people no longer say MP3 player, instead they are all iPods, even if they’re not made by Apple. Well, it seems the same is happening with the iPhone. For most people outside of the industry, if it is a fancy, expensive looking, ‘clever’ phone then it’s labelled an iPhone. I don’t think it even … […]

  3. Connie said

    I happen to own a Curve and the new 3G iPhone.

    I haven’t look at the Storm or the Bold but I’m reading it is a cross between the BB and the iPhone. I prefer the BB for texting purposes, as it is hard to text on the iPhone and don’t let your fingers be cold… the phone is practically useless!

    A can write a laundry lists of things I wish Apple would address with the next generation of iPhone. But the iPhone is not the new Blackberry!!

  4. smsisthenewblack said

    Hi Connie

    I don’t think the iPhone ‘is’ the new BlackBerry, what I think is that regular users are using the term ‘iPhone’ when they mean any smart, sexy, new device.

    Like ‘BlackBerry’ became the term for any device capable of sending emails, ‘iPhone’ has become the new term for any smartphone.

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